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Message from CEO

Message from CEO

Many people describe society today as an information society.

Alvin Toffler once predicted the coming of a “third wave”, a wave following the agricultural and industrial revolutions that will usher in a new way of human life. We can truly say that this third wave is the information revolution that we are in the midst of today. This is the level of significance that we are talking about.

We communicate via blogs and social media and also pass on information shared by other people. It is no longer only the media or experts who communicate information.

This has resulted in an explosive increase in the amount of information available. Confronted with huge volumes of information, we came to make the most of search technologies, or selectively access information communicated or shared via social media in our effort to access the information that is relevant to us.

This trend has been spurred on by the diversification of values, globalization and the popularization of smartphones. The universal idea of products that everyone desires, or lifestyles for which everyone yearns no longer exist, while information transcends borders. We are now able to send and receive information wherever we are, whenever we want.

The nature of companies and their way of thinking are being forced to adapt to this new era of communication. No longer is it possible to attract the attention of others by merely voicing the benefits of a product.

Businesses that are unable to send information sought by consumers that is worthy of being shared may be at risk of falling into irrelevancy. Consumers themselves now wield the power of information. For this reason, we believe that social media plays a most significant role.

Led by the vision of “Creating a World Class Team of Social Media Professionals”, comnico will pursue effective and powerful communication between business and the consumer through this wave of the information revolution.

comnico inc.
Masayuki Hayashi

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