Privacy Policy

Regulation Date: November 14, 2008

comnico inc.
Masayuki Hayashi, Representative Director and Company President

comnico is a company focusing on word-of-mouth promotions. Our company acquires personal information in the course of its business activities, so we have made it an important company-wide mission to safeguard this personal information. The company – starting with our executives and including all of our employees and business divisions – has built and uses a management system for protecting personal information, which is based on JISQ 15001 standards in order to comply with legal norms regarding the protection of personal information. The system concerns the personal information the company deals with as well as our employees’ personal information. We declare our commitment to raising our company’s standing through continuously monitoring changes in company-wide requests and through continuous improvements of our management system for protecting personal information.

  1. Recognizing the critical importance of protecting personal information, our company has made a strict definition of how we may use such information to the extent necessary, and we acquire, use, and provide such information in an appropriate manner in order to conduct our word-of-mouth promotions business and accomplish our company’s business activities. We have set forth measures so that we use the personal information we have acquired only as necessary, and not when such use does not serve our objectives.
  2. In the event that we commit all divisions or some divisions to handling personal information acquired from company employees as well as personal information that we handle after conducting business activities as per the preceding article, and in the event that such personal information is provided to third parties, we will select a person who has fully satisfied the personal information protection standards and we will set forth appropriate measures in accordance with contracts, etc.
  3. In order to provide personal information in a secure manner, we will set forth a rational security policy and prevention/correction measures to address the dangers of leaks, destruction, and loss of personal information.
  4. As a company that deals with important personal information, we will adhere to the laws and ordinances concerning the protection of personal information, the guidelines and rules based on the Personal Information Protection Act that have been created by government offices in every jurisdiction, the JISQ 15001 standards, as well as other regulations.
  5. We will conduct continuous reviews of, and make improvements to, our management system for protecting personal information, in order to use personal information appropriately and protect it thoroughly.
  6. In the event that complaints and consultations arise regarding our handling of personal information, we will respond quickly and in an appropriate manner via the Personal Information-related Complaints & Consultations Office listed below.

【Contact information for inquiries about complains and consultations regarding personal information】
comnico inc.
Personal Information-related Complaints & Consultations Office
Phone: 03-6264-3045

Handling Personal Information

comnico inc.
Masayuki Hayashi, Representative Director and Company President

comnico warrants that it will follow the following covenants when managing your personal information:

  1. comnico designates the following person as being responsible for managing personal information; this person will manage your personal information in a secure and appropriate manner and formulate policies to prevent unauthorized access by other persons and the loss, destruction, alteration and disclosure, etc. of your personal information, in addition to correcting such information as necessary, The person responsible for managing personal information is listed below.
    Naoki Hasegawa, Director
    Phone: 03-6264-3045
  2. comnico collects personal information for the purposes stated below:
    To pay advertising rates and provide information about our company’s services to all bloggers who are registered users of these services
    To send present campaigns carried out via comnico’s services
    To manage the personal information of bloggers who are registered users
    To send materials about our company’s services to customers who have made inquiries about them
    To be able to answer questions from customers about our services, by telephone
    To manage personnel, labor issues, and the well-being of our company’s employees
    To contact prospective employees about dates and times for interviews with hiring and recruitment managers as well as to communicate the results of these interviews (i.e. whether or not they have been hired)
  3. With regard to the personal information that we disclose, comnico will respond without delay to all requests from you to disclose, correct, add or delete, cease using, erase, or cease providing to third parties (hereinafter, “disclose”) all personal information that we have the authority to handle.
  4. We may obtain your confirmation by any of the following methods:
    1. Contacting you by telephone and verifying your identity, using the telephone number you had provided to us;
    2. Contacting you by email and using the response to verify your identity, using the email address you had provided to us;
    3. When using one of these methods, we will verify your identity by asking for your name, address, telephone number, and date of birth.
    With regard to verifications made by your representative or proxy, we will ask this person to visit our offices directly and present your drivers license and passport, and a power of attorney, in order to verify your identity.
  5. With regard to the methods by which we respond to requests to disclose personal information, after verifying your identity, we will mail you a “Request for Disclosure of Personal Information Form”. Once you have returned the “Request for Disclosure of Personal Information Form” to us, we will reply to your request to disclose the information as soon as possible. We may reply by contacting you by telephone or by means of the “Request for Disclosure of Personal Information Form” that was forwarded to you. Furthermore, comnico will not charge a fee for disclosure requests. Please contact the following office regarding complains, consultations, and disclosures related to personal information:comnico inc.
    Personal Information-related Complaints & Consultations Office
    Tougeki Bldg 2F 4-1-1 Tsukiji Chuo-ku Tokyo Japan 104-0045
    Phone: 03-6264-3045 / Fax: 03-6264-3046

comnico is subject to the following approved personal information protection organization, having received regulatory authorization from the governing Cabinet Minister pursuant to Article 37 of the Personal Information Protection Act (Law No. 57, 2003).

[Name of approved personal information protection organization]
Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (Abbreviated Name: JIPDEC)

[Contact information for resolution of complaints]

Privacy Mark Promotion Main Office Personal Information-related Complaints & Consultations Room
Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry
3-5-8 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011
Phone: 03-5576-1379 0120-700-779

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